Some old pages out of my blogging years of a decade or so ago; most of the links won’t work and much of the writing is frankly weak. Nevertheless, the material, quite unwittingly, now offers a certain perspective (imagine me thinking that we could not possibly have worse leaders than Bush and Cheney!):

Beyond Suffering (a very long essay on the infinitude of the universe, featuring the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Schrodinger’s Cat)

The 7 Benefits of Faith-Based Agnosticism (a shorter piece on seeing and experiencing God as less than Perfect)

80 Years of Genius (a brief tribute to Gabriel Garcia-Marquez on his 80th birthday, a reflection on his 100 Years of Solitude)

For a Lower Handicap, Check out the Babes (a golf instructional piece for men, about the virtue of releasing the inner feminine)

Flight of the Honeybee (something about the meaning of a scientific approach to life in a nation whose leaders tend to suppress it)

Geek Wednesday Sampling (from my weekly rant on technology and culture; it may have some passing interest with the perspective of more than a decade)

Poetry (a collection of my poems from many years ago; not recommended but for the stray line or verse that may have value to some. There are also working links at the top to good poetry by others)

A Tribute to Ozawa (for the conductor Seiji Ozawa: the video link at the bottom of the piece still works and is highly recommended)

Values of the Open Source Society (excerpt from a book I had meant to write a decade ago)

Entering the Pensieve (a teaching on meditation, inspired by a symbol from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels)

Lessons for a Time of War (a short book about discovering a sense of the transcendental in an era of conflict and superficiality)

Yes Virginia, There is Freedom of Speech (a holiday rant about Bush)

Exeunt Two Old Men (a piece written on the closing of the old blog-shop)